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Content & Copy Writing Services

Ideate | Create | Circulate

Get compelling, persuasive, powerful marketing-communications content that consistently attracts the right audience.

Strategic. Informative. Data-driven. Engaging. Convincing. Clear.  Motivational.

Achieving exceptionally high-quality content requires far more than stringing a bunch of words together. A well-seasoned writer will:

  • Embed the lived experiences, needs and behaviors of your target audience into a writing strategy;

  • Identify key messages to attract that audience and make them take a desired action; and then

  • Expertly apply the nuances of persuasive language, search optimization, flow and more — so your message stands out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.   

Over 20+ years, I have successfully fine-tuned my writing and communications style to do all of the above and much more: helping hundreds of organizations connect with their customers, end users and stakeholders through the power of the written word.

Content / Copy Writing Services

Millions of words written.

Thousands of marketing-communications materials produced.

Over 20+ years, I have proudly created well-researched, audience-attracting, high-quality content for hundreds of B2B, governments and large non-profit organizations.

Check out my specialties below — and let's talk. 

Portfolio Web Design

Website & Digital Content

Make an impact online


Keyword-rich, engaging, UX-friendly copy covering all aspects of website, microsite and digital  platform creation — whether you're starting from scratch, doing a rebrand or refresh, or merging old and new content together. 


Case Studies

Prove your organization's credibility

Third-party testimonials of your client or partner success stories, sharing a problem>solution>outcome narrative from the perspective of the end-user. This service includes interviewing your clients on your behalf. 

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Articles & Blog Posts

Build your brand reputation

Strategic, relevant and SEO-friendly articles for your blog or email newsletter; plus op-eds, advertorials + thought leadership pieces for 3rd-party publications. Simply provide the specs, and I'll provide the copy!

Ebook Reader

Content Marketing
eBooks & Digital Guides

Enhance your lead-generation efforts


Long-form booklet content offering detailed insights, guidance and best practices on an area of expertise. All content is keyword-optimized and tailored to meet your marketing goals, desired file format(s), design, and distribution channels. 

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

White Papers &

 Communicate complex issues

Move minds! Compelling, clear, thought-provoking & authoritative long-form content based on solid research, analysis and findings. Includes annual reports, industry reports, "state of X" reports, and technical white papers.  

Image by Leuchtturm Entertainment

Media & Event
Support Materials

Spread your word to the masses

News releases. Bios. FAQs. Speaking notes. Event programs. Abstracts. Premium content writing services to promote your product or service launch, announce a strategic partnership, facilitate media interviews, or support your event.       

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Email Copywriting

Onboard, nurture & convert leads

Strategic, high-impact email sequence content—with the goal of converting prospects into customers, and/or engaging and strengthening relationships with existing customers. 

Laptop Infographic


Hook your audience visually

Sharp, compelling content that communicates complex information in an easily digestible, visual format. Includes researching stats and data, and working with graphic designers.

Image by Jakob Owens

Video Scriptwriting 

Boost your video marketing strategy

Smart script writing that covers core messages, keeps your video to time, complements accompanying images, and presents a polished and coherent message to key audiences.


Need smarter, more strategic written content? Let's talk.

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