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What types of clients do you work with?

My expertise is in writing and editing marketing-communications content for B2B, governments and large non-profits.

These organizations tend to have target audiences including: 

  • Business leaders (C-suite, executives, thought leaders)

  • Corporate decision-makers (especially those with purchasing power and influence)

  • Taxpaying citizens / end users of programs and services  

Most of my clients are in Canada and the US, but I've also worked with organizations in the UK. I've listed a few of them here

What niches or topics do you specialize in?

The majority of content I write and edit falls under one or more of the following categories: 

  • R&D + innovation

  • Enterprise IT (including SaaS, customer software, hardware & more)

  • Advocacy, public affairs & social issues

  • Healthcare & medical services

  • Business & economic development

  • Education & training

  • Public administration & policy

  • Governmental programs

  • Financial services / fintech

  • Legal services

  • Commercial construction and trades ​

Do you also work with B2C  organizations?

I do! Over more than two decades, I've written for many B2C companies.

I still work with a few B2C clients, so please reach out if you'd like to talk about possibly working together. 

What is your process for writing or editing other organizations' content? 

My goal is to take the work and stress off your busy plate. Therefore, I try to keep my process as simple and straightforward as possible.


While my process may vary a bit depending on the client, here's a high-level look at what you can expect when you work with me:

  1. First, we schedule a free 15- to 30-minute call to discuss your content needs. 

  2. I then email you an understanding of the project scope, as well as an estimate. (If I need more information to determine the estimate, I will ask you a few more questions first, likely via email.)

  3. We sign an agreement of terms re: the project, budget and timelines.

  4. We schedule a 30- to 60-minute meeting/call to go over the project in more detail. This is where I learn more about your organization, goals, target audience(s), and other considerations to help guide my work.

  5. I get down to work! 

  6. When I've completed a first draft, I will send it to you. There may be one revision cycle, or several. (I try to aim for no more than two reviews.)

  7. We finalize the piece ... and voila!

How do you charge your clients?

What are your rates?

Do you offer discounts? 

Are you open to  negotiating price?

The short answer? It depends.


For the longer explanation, buckle in ... the following isn't complicated, but takes a bit to fully describe how I charge. 

When it comes to working directly with clients, my estimates are based on two main factors: 20+ Years' Expertise + Time Spent on a Project.

My expertise: For more than two decades, I've proudly minimized the workload of hundreds of organizations while maximizing the impact of their content. I do this by asking the right questions upfront, creating first drafts that require minimal edits, and ensuring no unnecessary back-and-forth between us. As a result, I free up your time to tackle other important aspects of your job with the peace-of-mind you'll receive an amazing product in the end. In a sense, I guess you could say that I excel in being as hands-off as possible - while still delivering stellar results!

My time: Here are a few other things I consider when putting together a custom estimate (each of which affects the amount of time I'll need to complete your content): 

  • The type of writing or editing you need ​​

    • E.g., Is this a basic blog requiring only writing? Or a case study in which you need me to interview multiple people + write content?​

  • The length of the document(s) or publication

    • E.g., Are we talking 2 print pages of 500 words each, or 20 web pages of 50-500 words each? 

  • The complexity of the subject matter

    • E.g., Is this a topic I already understand? If not, will the client provide resources, or must I seek resources myself? 

  • Any project management required

  • Whether the work is ongoing vs. a one-off project

    • ​If it's ongoing, I'm happy to discuss a retainer at a discounted rate​

And yes, I'm open to negotiating rates on certain projects!

Do you have a writing portfolio or samples I could see?

Indeed I do - my portfolio is quite extensive, and growing by the day! Check out my 150+ examples of writing on Contently here

Please note, I don't share all my work online due to specific client agreements. 


​Looking for a niche or type of writing that's not in my public portfolio? Contact me directly at to request specific samples.

In this age of plagiarism and AI, will the content you provide be original?

In a word? Yes. 


In fact, I often run my written content through several plagiarism tools, just to be doubly sure it's unique!

The only time I may use existing excerpts of content is if we're building an arsenal of content for you. For consistency's sake, I may then reuse messaging and snippets of your content across several of your publications and channels. 

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