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Proofreading &
Copy Editing Services

Polish | Perfect | Publish

Enjoy flawless, brand-building, publication-worthy content edited with your organizational goals + target audience in mind. 

Has your team dedicated significant effort and energy into crafting an attention-grabbing report, press release, digital content (or something else)? The last thing you want is to distract your target audience with a typo. 

Let's face it: careless errors may not seem like a big deal, but they are. A single mistake can detract attention from your vital message. Cumulatively, mistakes can even result in fewer conversions and opportunities for business growth!

That's where my premium proofreading and copy editing services come into play.


From grammar, spelling and punctuation checks, to ensuring clarity, flow appropriate word choice and more, I can help you strengthen your content like never before.

Content / Copy Editing Services

I offer three different levels of premium editing services — all at the same hourly rate. 

Not sure which service level you need? Simply give me a sneak peek of your draft (under NDA, if you'd like!).

I'll then offer you my professional recommendation about what would serve you best. 

Grammer Editing

(The Mechanics)

For "almost ready-to-publish" content in need of a final review


I offer a fresh set of eyes to guarantee all grammar, spelling & punctuation mistakes and typos are caught — and fixed — before you hit "publish."

Checking Text on a Document

Copy Editing
(Style Editing)

For drafts that require a professional polish beyond basic proofing 


This "style edit" service reviews for grammar, spelling & punctuation + clarity + consistency of wording, phrasing, formatting, flow, and more. 

Working on laptop

Substantive Editing

When your draft or outdated needs a MAJOR overhaul 

Like copy editing, but on steroids! Here, I apply both my editor + content strategist "hats" to essentially rewrite, refresh and optimize your existing content well beyond the original.   


Need smarter, more strategic written content? Let's talk.

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