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Marketing Partners

Innovate | Collaborate | Create

Need to partner with (or sub-contract) an experienced + professional content writer or editor on a client project?​

If you're a marketing firm, agency or freelancer who needs content writing or editing assistance on a client project, let's partner up! 

I can be involved at any stage — from proposal and planning steps, all the way through to publication.

As for how you'll work with me? Well, sometimes my partners present me to clients as a visible part of their team. Other times, I am introduced as an extension of the team. And sometimes, I simply do my work behind the scenes. Regardless of how I am "seen or heard" by your clients, I promise the same high-level quality of work and professionalism.

Contact me today — and let's create high-quality marketing-communications content that exceeds your clients' expectations!

Just a Few of My Amazing Marketing Partners ...

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Let's Partner Up!

Need smarter, more strategic written content for your clientele? Let's talk.

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