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Win an Award or Speaking Opportunity - With the Best Written Application EVER

BEFORE assigning someone to write your application content, read this

Has your business' visibility fallen behind during the pandemic?

Over the last several months, it's possible your competitors have been:

- Funneling new dollars into innovative online offerings; and/or

- Developing new products, services or programs to rival yours more than ever before.

So how can your business stand out as you climb out of the "pandemic rubble"?

Here are two ways to get your business noticed:

1. Win an industry award for your products or services, and/or

2. Secure a speaking opportunity at a high-profile event.

Let's explore these options further ... and how you can cinch them.

"We love you!" (and everyone else will, too)

Awards and speaker opportunities have the power to narrowly target and reel in the attention of your most coveted clients, customers and/or end users.

That's because, when a person or organization deemed "of authority" gives your business kudos ...

Others are much more willing to (and in some cases, afraid not to) take notice.

So what now?

It's pretty simple, really:

1. Research and select the "right" awards programs or events/speaking engagements that your target audiences are most attuned to.

2. Then, write a killer application or Call for Speakers submission.

On that note ...

Who's going to write your application?

To win that award or prominent speaking engagement, you need an amazing application with kick-ass, strategic, cannot-be-ignored content.

Let's explore your business doing all the work itself ...

If you choose to write the application/submission in-house, bear the following in mind:

Award-winning writing takes time

Do you or any member(s) of your team have several hours available to put together a winning awards or speaker application?

Even if you do, don't forget: writing the thing is just one part of the entire process.

There's also rounds upon rounds of edits and approvals, layout reviews and revisions, possibly even translation ...

That's a lot project management (and time) on top of just the writing.

Decision-makers can easily trash your application

All too often, I have edited business applications that:

  • Don't properly answer all the questions asked of them

  • Omit pertinent information

  • Leave it to the readers (decision-makers) to "fill in the blanks" themselves

None of that is going to bode well with decision-makers.

Think of it. You have judicial panels and awards committees reading countless other award and presentation submissions.

They will have no problem trashing your application if it doesn't provide all the information they originally requested.

Your ideal application writer should ...

Ideally, if you want a strong awards application or response to a Call for Presenters, your writer should:

✔️ Have previous experience writing award and presentation submissions

✔️ Be able to identify gaps between what the application is asking for, and the information you are providing

✔️ Know how to highlight key points and differentiators without sounding like everyone else

✔️ Be able to edit/rewrite content to stay within word or character limits - meanwhile ensuring the content is strong

✔️ Ensure all content is concise, clear, and written with the decision-maker in mind

These skills and know-how will absolutely improve your chances of your application getting noticed ...

And even possibly win that coveted awards or speaking spot.

I can help you secure that win

I have helped several businesses win awards and speaking positions by writing their application content.

And across a wide range of industries.

Winning is never a guarantee. That decision lies in the hands of the judges.

But by using my services, you can be assured you will have the strongest application possible.

Let's work together

Increase your visibility!

Contact me today to discuss how we can get you the wins you covet.


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