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Why Content Writers Are Basically Professional Organizers

Got a cluttered website? How a skilled writer can produce a cleaner, more powerfully worded platform that people will actually want to visit (and read).

I write words. I edit words.

And I organize words (and thoughts, and ideas).

Essentially, my job is to fuse together a bunch of different-yet-related ideas and thoughts using the written word ... in a way that people can easily understand.

In that sense, you could call me a professional organizer.

After all, just like a professional organizer of "stuff" would help homeowners, I also provide the guidance and means to get people's "clutter" (in this case, content clutter) under control. Allow me to explain further...

Is your website content cluttered?

A lot of my work is focused on revising and updating outdated website content. And what I've realized is that a lot of websites are rather messy (so to speak) in the content department.

For example, they may have:

Problem / Type of Website Clutter

Description / Impact

​Too much repetition

Non-strategic, overly repetitive content from page to page (to page) - which clutters up the entire website

Wasted opportunities for stronger messaging

Critical information that should be front-and-centre, but for some reason is hidden within the depths of the content

​Extreme content imbalances

Most pages are chock-full of way too much content - but then they'll have a couple pages with only one line of content

​Formatting issues

​Long sentences, even longer paragraphs, and little to no white space - making the content a chore to read

Ultimately, all of the things mentioned above simultaneously overwhelm and underwhelm the very people you're trying to attract.

Firstly, you overwhelm them with too much unnecessary information that is hard to follow.

Secondly, you underwhelm them with lacklustre, aimless content that doesn't really speak to them or their needs.

How organizing content removes audience "overwhelm" and "underwhelm"

Let's say that, after a free 30-minute consultation, you decide to hire me to revamp your website content (whether via my premium writing services and/or editing services).

A big part of my job is to declutter and simplify the overall entity. To do so, here's how I generally apply my organizational skills:

1. We talk about your content goals.

First, we work together to determine your goals, which content you would like to keep, the content you need to keep, content that should be completely trashed, and any content that could be rewritten.

2. I then sort through your content, and organize "like" with "like."

That is, I go through your content carefully, combining ideas and messages that fit together. I may move certain pieces of information to new pages, and also create brand-new content for other pages.

3. I identify valuable content that might not "fit" within your new website.

Sometimes during this process, I come across content that is of value, but it just doesn't "fit" within the revamped website. I may remove it from your website but will often recommend repurposing it into a blog or other marketing-communications piece.

Learn more about my process for working with clients here.

The end result: an exceptionally clutter-free website

When you work with a writer who is also a "professional organizer," you get a cleaner, more powerfully worded, exceptionally organized website that people will actually want to visit (and read).

Contact me today or book a FREE 30-minute consultation to talk about refreshing your website or digital platform with keyword-rich, engaging copy that speaks to your target audience.


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