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Streeeeetch Your Written Content: 6 Ways to Repurpose Case Studies for Maximum Effect

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

When you stretch, you get stronger. Same goes for your case studies and overall content.

Considering investing in some written case studies, but you're a bit intimidated by the price tag?

Yes, case studies (aka success stories) are generally more expensive to produce than the typical blog article. But they provide all kinds of value.

Why? Case studies provide real-world, first-person, customer-approved testimonials, which can help maximize your credibility - plus the legitimacy of whatever you're selling.

And not only that. Success stories generally include fantastic customer quotes about your organization that ... well, you literally couldn't have said better (or more strongly) yourself!

On that note — and to ensure you get the most out of your investment - here are a few ways to re-use and re-purpose your case studies:

6 ways to stretch - and flex - your case study investment

1. Testimonials on your digital channels

Create a page on your website dedicated entirely to happy customer testimonials. Or, scatter all those quotes across your website, customer portal, mobile app and other digital platforms.

In the meantime, remember this: not all quotes you use have to be about your products or services. For example, you may have client quotes praising your customer service or other key differentiating factors.

2. Blog post

Round up the strongest quotes from your success stories and turn them into a "humblebrag" blog article.

Your blog post could be something along the lines of What Our Customers Are Saying About Us or Why Are Our Clients So Happy With [Your Business Name]?

3. Awards applications

Many awards applications require client references and/or testimonials - and rounding them up can take a great deal of time.

Good news — no need to go chasing customer quotes if you already have an arsenal of great ones embedded in your case studies!

4. Call for Presentations / Call for Speakers applications

These types of applications are looking for speakers / presenters who are industry thought leaders or subject matter experts.

When submitting your application, throw in a couple client quotes to reinforce the authority of your proposed speaker. (Or, better yet, throw in the entire case study with your application.)

5. Brochures and sell sheets

Sales teams are always looking for new marketing materials to hand out at business meetings and events.

Do your existing brochures or sell sheets need a refresh? Make sure to pop in some end-user quotes during the redesign.

6. Contributed article

Try submitting your case study as a contributed article to local media, business media, an industry-related publication, or membership association e-newsletter.

Case studies generally read like advertorials, so you may need to pay a fee or be comfortable with the publication making editorial changes.

Maximize your case study investment by thinking creatively

There are so many other ways to maximize a success story. So don't stop with the list above. Keep brainstorming other ways to repurpose those case studies.

Can you use them to refresh existing content on your other channels? Or can you repurpose your case studies into something entirely new — like a video or podcast series?

By stretching your creative muscle, you just may come up with the best idea yet.

Let's work together

Do your existing case studies need a major overhaul?

Want to create a new case study program, and need a writer to spearhead it? Or maybe you need help repurposing all those amazing success stories you already have on file?

Let's talk about how I can help you. Contact me today or book your FREE 30-minute consultation to talk about your content needs.


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