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What Every Business Ought to Know About Their Website Content (Because Otherwise, You May Be Turning Customers Off)


The following blog features part of my latest ebook, Word Crimes: Is Your Website Content Robbing Your Business of Potential Customers? To get your FREE ebook download, click here.


There’s more to getting people to read your content than just the writing part.


It’s also about formatting and structure.


Okay...so I realize starting a blog with words like "formatting" and "structure" is enough to make my own readers' eyes glaze over. 


But bear with me a wee bit longer...there's some valuable stuff below for increasing the chances people will read your business website content. 


Nobody wants to feel like reading is a chore


Think about it.


If someone goes to your business website and is bombarded by a sloppy layout and huge chunks of content…


Well, that might make folks abandon your website entirely.


And go to the competition.


Why? Because "messy" doesn't look professional. And in this global economy, image is everything.


Which brings us to formatting.


While formatting tips could make up an entire ebook, here are just a couple to:


  • Improve the overall look of your website content, and

  • Increase the chances people will read it!


Apply the “F-shaped pattern” 


The letter "F" isn’t just for four-letter words.


It’s also a pattern many people use to scan online content, to determine whether said content is worth their precious time to read.


The F-shaped pattern goes as such:


  • Two horizontal stripes (the headline and first paragraph), and then

  • A vertical stripe (the content that travels down the left-hand side of the page).


What does this all mean?


First, your content needs to be formatted cleanly and written especially strong within the first couple of lines (as we discussed in this previous blog).


Second, you need to find ways to grab people’s attention as they scan their eyes down the page.


Which brings us to the next tip...


Use sub-headings


Just say no to messy content!


Instead, to help with that “vertical stripe” of the F, use sub-headings on every page of your website.


There are many benefits to sub-headings, including: 


  • Providing a relatively clear idea to scanners what your content is about; and

  • Breaking up a text-heavy page, making things easier on the eyes.


Ultimately, sub-headings can compel people to read your content in its entirety.


To make the most of sub-headings, keep them concise and clear, and use a larger font to make them stand out from the rest of your content.

Get your business noticed with clean, clear, compelling website content!


Want to learn more about publishing fabulous website content that:


  • Converts visitors into customers?

  • Speaks to the hearts, minds and wallets of your target audience?

  • Gets your business noticed and respected online... all through the power of the written word?

Download your FREE copy of my ebook, Word Crimes, here!

"Freelance writer for hire" Lindsey McCaffrey is an award-winning writer, editor and content strategist for businesses and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Lindsey here. Or, contact her today to discuss your content needs!


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