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5 Unusual But Cool Things To Blog About in May

"Who else is excited for International Tuba Day? Best day of the whole year!"


Forget Mother's Day.


Forget the usual "spring is here"-type blog posts.


Look, I love my mom. I also love warmer weather (because OMG, I really, really hate Ottawa winter).


But I know that blogging about those things this month is not necessarily going to grab people's attention. 


Why? Because they've all been done before. 


The case for being different


Just to be clear, I'm not necessarily saying that blogging about Mother's Day or springtime is wrong. 


After all, those two topics may be completely relevant to your company (for example, if you manage a spa/salon or a garden business, or you're running a limited-time offer). 


However, the online world is erratic, busy, and full of a lot of "the same."


Think of when you're on Facebook, scrolling through your news feed. What content are you most likely to click on?


If you're like me, you're going to stop when you see something that's unusual.


Something that sounds equal parts amusing and informative.


Something that jumps out at you, piquing your curiosity. 


The best way to get noticed is to stand out. And that can be accomplished by being a little different.


Make your content stand out!


To help you get started, I took it upon myself to find five unusual "days" coming up in May, that you could blog about.


Keep in mind:


  • The ideas below are pretty generic (I wanted all if not most to apply to all types of businesses/industries);

  • When you're blogging about any of these, you must ensure the topic somehow ties back to your business; and

  • As a bonus, you can also use these ideas as topics for posts on your social media channels!


Let's get started, shall we?


1. International Tuba Day (May 5th)

Yep, this is a real thing!


International Tuba Day was created to recognize tubists who have to deal with a "prevalence of stereotyped attitudes." 


As the website says: "Unfortunately, many non-tuba players think of the tuba as just being one of those big, loud instruments that go 'oompah' in the back of parades....As for tuba players, many people view them in the old stereotyped way: they have no real musical talent, no personality, just big, fat bodies with puffy cheeks and powerful lungs."


Business blog ideas:

  • Have you (or your business) ever felt like the metaphorical "tuba player" - ignored, overlooked, and/or misunderstood? How did you rise above the negative or incorrect perception others had of you?

  • Did you ever have a great product or service that you totally believed in, but people just weren't buying it? What did you do to get noticed? What successes did you have as a result? 


2. Stay Up All Night Night/Day (May 11th)

Ever pulled an all-nighter?


This "day" is dedicated to celebrating "no sleep till morning!"


Business blog ideas:

  • Recall an all-nighter you've had to pull. Maybe you were studying for exams, or had to stay up all night to get something done. Tie your anecdote back to how you manage your business (e.g., sometimes, you need to put in a few extra hours to do a quality job).

  • Never pulled an all-nighter? Explain why. Maybe you've always been super-organized and on-the-ball. If so, brag about it - and explain how that work ethic is reflected in your work/business.


3. One Day Without Shoes Day (May 12th)

Every year on May 12th, international retailer TOMS encourages people worldwide to spend one day without wearing shoes. 


The objective: to raise awareness of children in developing nations who don't have access to solid footwear. 


This year is the day's 10th anniversary. And it's actually a pretty cool idea: in 2015 alone, Instagram users helped give 265,000+ shoes to kids in need! You can learn more about One Day Without Shoes here.


Business blog ideas:

  • Share an anecdote about when your business did something new, innovative, or out of the (shoe) box. 

  • Is Corporate Social Responsibility or community involvement a key part of your business culture? What sorts of things have you done to support others?


4. Lucky Penny Day (May 23rd)

Do you believe that if you find and pocket a penny, you'll have 24-hour good luck?


Well, even though the penny is pretty much dead (at least in Canada), there is still a day dedicated to the one-cent piece


Business blog ideas:

  • Has a coin toss (or anything else related to superstition) ever played a part in how you do business? 

  • Did you ever have a lucky charm? What was it? Why did you consider it lucky? Do you still use it? Have you ever used it in your career or business? This could make for a really nice nostalgic, personality-laden blog post. 


5. Paperclip Day (May 29th)

 Who doesn't love paperclips? They take up no space, they're inexpensive, and they help us stay organized! 


The paperclip is also incredibly multi-functional. You can even make stunning works of art out of them. Indeed, the paperclip is small but mighty! 


So it shouldn't come as a surprise that this tiny treasure has its own day. 


Business blog ideas:

  • What do you use paperclips for? Do you have a good paperclip story - something that relates to your business? (E.g., maybe a paperclip held together a proposal that turned into an amazing sale)

  • If you sell products, are any of them multi-functional? What makes them so great? Could they be the next great "paperclip"? Make sure to use anecdotes in your blog, so the writing doesn't come across as too "salesy." 


No time to write content for your business blog or social media posts? Having trouble coming up with interesting, relevant blog topics? Let's talk about how I can take those tasks off your to-do list. Contact me today!

"Ottawa writer for hire" Lindsey McCaffrey is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and content strategist for businesses and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Lindsey here.



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