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7 Reasons Why Writers Are The Absolute Best Folks To Fall In Love With

 Are you tired of dating the same type of person?


Perhaps you’re looking for someone special to go out (or share the rest of your life) with?


Consider a writer.


Why? Because writers are quite possibly the best people on the planet.


It’s true! Here’s the proof.


1. Writers have vivid imaginations


Writers find ways to make seemingly bland things exciting!


What this means for you: Dates never have to be boring. We will use our creative juices to manifest a fabulous experience for you.


2. Writers are detail-oriented


Writers write. Everything. Down. We keep notes on names, dates and places.


What this means for you: We will never, ever forget your birthday or any important milestone; and will remember all the "little things" you say, tucking that knowledge away for future reference.


3. Writers read


Writers not only pay attention to annual and ongoing best-of book lists: we make sure to read the book before it comes out in movie form.


What this means for you: We will make great recommendations to ensure you only read (and watch) the best stuff in pop culture.


4. Writers have a gift with words


Writers have a knack for wordplay.


What this means for you: We are the perfect partner in a Scrabble and/or Balderdash team challenge AND can help you finish that pesky crossword puzzle. Plus, we are great storytellers and can keep you entertained for hours through the magic of metaphor, oxymorons and onomatopoeias!


5. Writers understand other people


Writers are good listeners and observers. Why? We write about people all the time—which means we take time to understand what makes them them.


What this means for you: We won’t monopolize the conversation—we want to know about you. So be prepared for lots of personal questions (and engaging dialogue).


6. Writers know how to communicate (at least in writing)


Writers have extremely strong language skills.


What this means for you: You’re never going to walk away from us in confusion. Why? Because we put great thought into how we communicate important things to you, and will even customize our words to ensure you understand and relate to them fully.


7. Bonus if you go for a FREELANCE copywriter: flexible hours!


Writers are amazing, regardless. But you know what’s extra amazing?


A writer with a flexible schedule!


What this means for you: Provided we get our work done, freelance writers can take time out for two-hour lunchtime getaways. And if you want to steal us away to Fiji at a moment’s notice, no need to worry about working around our schedule: all we need is a laptop and internet connection…and we’ll be there with bells (and bathing suit) on.


What is about writers that make us the bomb? Write in the comments below!

"Ottawa writer for hire" Lindsey McCaffrey is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and content strategist for businesses and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Lindsey here.


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