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31 Brilliant Ideas to Post to Your Facebook Business Page, No Matter Your Industry

You've got a Facebook business page...but no idea what to post on it.


Well, great news...


I've put together a list of Facebook post ideas to get you through an entire month!


Keep in mind:

  • This is a very simple list of ideas. Not all ideas may work for every industry or business. For a custom approach, consider having someone develop a content strategy for you

  • Also, I generally recommend posting at least two Facebook posts every day - but you can go through this list twice in one month. 


And now, without further ado...the list!


  1. Link to a blog post (preferably on your blog, if you have one). 

  2. Share something cool that one of your customers is doing

  3. Link to an interesting article about your industry. 

  4. Post someone else's blog or media coverage about your business.

  5. Show people where to find free online tools they would find useful

  6. Post a picture of your entire team doing something NOT related to work. 

  7. Profile one of your fabulous employees. 

  8. Share a viral video.

  9. Share a YouTube video you think should be viral.

  10. Write a sentence and ask people to fill in the blank(s). E.g., "If I had one extra hour every single day to do anything I wanted, it would be..."

  11. Take an informal survey or poll. Either use the polling function on Facebook, or link to a poll on an external website (e.g., SurveyMonkey).

  12. Share responses to your survey/poll (just be careful about naming names, if the questions were of a sensitive nature).

  13. Post a picture and ask people to caption it.

  14. Share a funny meme that addresses a challenge or frustration your customers often have.

  15. Use an inspirational quote (bonus points if it's accompanied by an image).

  16. Share a quote from a happy customer (but ask for permission first). 

  17. Got any informal or formal business partners? Give them some love on your Facebook page.

  18. Link to a news release - preferably yours, or something external that includes interesting stats related to your business or customer needs.

  19. Give advance notice of an upcoming event your business plans to speak at or attend. 

  20. Share a live post from the event mentioned above. Include lots of pictures! 

  21. Event now over? Say what you loved about it - and give a shout-out to some of the people you met.

  22. Share a feel-good news story. If you're a local business, ensure the story is about your community.

  23. Give an update or sneak peek into something new about your product, service or cause - essentially, anything new that's going on in your business.

  24. Ask what people are planning to do over the weekend.

  25. Pose a trivia question related to your business, industry, product, service or cause. (To encourage participation, you could offer a $10 gift card.) When you've figured out who wins the trivia game, congratulate them! 

  26. Post a picture of a sale or "business deal" being made (just make sure you get permission from all parties before posting). 

  27. Share links to all your other social media channels, and tell people to follow you.

  28. Tell people your general hours of operation, and provide contact information.

  29. Offer a time- or money-saving tip or trick.

  30. Post a link to an industry podcast. This is a subtle way to demonstrate you're on top of your industry.

Need help managing your social media channels? Got questions? Any other suggestions to add? Comment below or contact me directly!

"Ottawa writer for hire" Lindsey McCaffrey is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and content strategist for businesses and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Lindsey here.

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