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Writing your own business content doesn't have to be so painful.

Sometimes, all you need is a little expert guidance.


Strategic Web Writing Confidence Coaching 

Skills and confidence for solopreneurs and small businesses

Summer 2020 Special Offer ($200 OFF) Below

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"Writing my own

website and blog content

is exhausting ...

... And I don't even know if I'm doing it right."

Are you a solopreneur or small business owner who writes your own marketing content? 

Do you second-guess yourself every time you write?


Do you cringe when you look at the written content on your website or blog?

Do you worry you're wasting your time writing content that's going nowhere ... or even worse, writing content that makes your business look bad? 


Does any of this sound familiar?

(If so, you're not alone.)

"Is my website content good ... or bad?"

"Are my blog posts interesting ... or is it possible they're really boring?"

"Does my website content speak to my target audience?"

"What impression does my DIY writing give of my business, and of me?"

"How does my online written content compare to my competitors' content?"

"Is my content helping my business ... or hurting it?"

You. Just. Don't. Know.


Hi, I'm Lindsey McCaffrey.

I'm an award-winning writer, editor, brand journalist and content strategist with 20+ years of expertise in the content creation biz.  

And I have a special limited-time summer offer for solopreneurs and small businesses who write their own web and blog content.

In a nutshell, I will:

  • Shine my expert "microscope" on your website's written content

  • Provide you with customized do-it-yourself (DIY) advice so you can easily and quickly begin improving your current written content


In return, you get:

  • Stronger, more strategic written content that is 100% aligned with your business goals

  • Peace of mind and confidence in your website and/or blog


Here's the special offer:

Through August 31, 2020, I am offering solopreneurs and small business owners the following for just $399:


A 30-minute, 1-on-1 preliminary interview via Zoom

To discuss your business goals, target audience, competitors and writing challenges 


A 30-minute, 1-on-1 preliminary interview via Zoom

To discuss your business goals, target audience, competitors and writing challenges 


A 30-minute, 1-on-1 preliminary interview via Zoom

To discuss your business goals, target audience, competitors and writing challenges 



On September 1, 2020, the price for this package will go up to $599.

But if you book your preliminary session to take place before August 31, 2020 ...

you will save $200.

That's a 33% savings, just by booking before August 31st! 


Simply use the special code SUMMER when you purchase your package below. 


What People Are Saying About Me


Scott Acker,

Cicada Creative Inc.

Lindsey has the ability to really connect with her clients and it comes through in her writing. She is very detail oriented and passionate about delivering quality work.

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Jennifer McEvoy, MBA, Diabetes Canada

Lindsey is whip smart, an outstanding writer who is strategic and creative and really takes the time to understand her client, their business and their needs.

0 (2).jpg

Ron Vezina,

Canadian Blood Services

Lindsey is a true professional ... able to grasp concepts quickly, adapt key messages and develop communications materials that reflect the needs of any employer or client.


Will you help me become a better writer?

Yes ... by helping you become a more strategic writer. Good writing is about far more than stringing a few sentences together. There are so, so many variables to consider. Does your content demonstrate you understand your audience? Is it clear what you actually do? Are you using keywords? Power words? And what about the whole of your website ... is your content consistent across the entire thing in terms of tone, word choice and the like? 

There are so many nuances of the English language that can make or break your brand, not to mention customer relationships.


This one-on-one package will help you start noticing all those small details. 

I will also provide you with guidance to improve your content via those small details.

Will we be talking about grammar and punctuation?

No, this isn't that kind of coaching. We're going deeper than that. We're going to look at your overall business, the type of audience you want to attract, and how you're using the written word to do that. Essentially, this coaching is about being more strategic with your writing.

What will the report recommendations include?

Your custom report will be like a mini-audit. I will look at up to 10 pages of your content and provide suggestions for each one from a written content perspective. For example, it's possible the real message you want to communicate to your clients is "hidden" further down the page; or perhaps, the wording you're using is not being written in an appropriate or consistent tone for your audience. 

Will you also look at my blogs?

Yes, if you'd like! I will look at up to 10 pages of your website content. This can include 10 blogs, if you'd like. Or, three blogs and seven pages of your website content (e.g., your homepage, About section, Services or Products, Contact etc.). It's up to you how you'd like me to divide my time. 

What kind of advice can you give me about my blogs?

I have written hundreds of blogs throughout my 20-year career. We will discuss whether your blogs align with your business goals, whether your content is interesting (and if not, how you can make it interesting!), the importance of headlines and sub-headings, formatting, subject matter, structure ... the sky is the limit.