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The Risks of Asking Your Non-Writer Employees to Write Your Marketing-Communications Content

What's the right solution for your business needs and marketing budget?

During this pandemic, have you added the responsibility of content writing to your NON-WRITER employees?

And now you’re churning out content with ZERO purpose and ZERO positive gain? (Or maybe ... you're not publishing any content at all?)

Before I go on, please understand: I get that times are tough budget-wise. Marketing budgets are often among the first to be cut.

Moreover, I've seen some organizations do JUST FINE by asking their non-writer employees to produce content once in a while.

(Side note: by "non-writer employees," I'm referring to people who were hired for jobs outside of writing.)

But more often than not ... this solution doesn't work out very well. At least, not in the long term.

No time = lower quality content

First off, your non-writer employees very likely DON'T HAVE TIME TO WRITE.

Even for trained and skilled writers (yes, even those of us with 20 years of expertise), writing can take hours upon hours upon hours of our time!

Unfortunately, by asking non-writer employees to become "the writers" of the company, the end result for organizations usually ends up being one or more of the following:

  • Your employees have to slide their usual responsibilities to the back burner in order to do their writing - which creates a backlog of things getting done; and/or

  • Your employees put writing duties LAST - which leads to a significantly less steady flow of content (if any!) coming from your organization; and/or

  • Because of time constraints on your non-writer employees, the written content your organization publishes is shoddy, non-strategic, and makes zero impact on your business. (Or worse: the written content you publish turns your target audience away from you forever.)

The criticality of language nuances

It probably doesn't need to be said, but writing isn't about stringing a few sentences together.

To do it right and ensure it meets your business goals, that requires a TON of strategic thinking.

Employees who can TECHNICALLY write but who are not STRATEGIC writers will likely not

understand or factor in the nuances of language, like:

✏️How one little, seemingly innocuous word can turn your audience toward or even AGAINST you; or

✏️How to differentiate messaging for prospective vs. current vs. lapsed customers (and anyone in between); or

✏️Determining what end users NEED to know vs. what you want them to know - while ALSO acknowledging customers' attention spans, previous history with your business, and the specific media you're using.

And that's just a shortlist! There are just so many variables - far too many to list - that can make or break your written content.

The point is this: if you want high-quality content, you need someone who does more than the literal action of writing.

High-quality content requires an investment

Ultimately, if you want a sustainable arsenal of high-quality written content that actually MOTIVATES, EDUCATES, and DRIVES people to action, you need to make an investment.

This could mean:

  • Hiring a full-time or part-time in-house writer, and/or

  • Bringing in a freelancer for occasional projects (small shameless plug!), and/or

  • Making a regular investment in training your current employees on marketing-communications writing.

There is no one "right" solution for the "how" - as in, how to ensure your organization continues producing and publishing quality content.

But even in tough times, you NEED a solution.

Want to talk about your content writing options?

The challenge in finding a solution is determining which one is right for you: one that fits within your budget, employees' skill-set, and team workload capacity.

As a freelance content writer, I have:

  • Managed entire writing projects that encompass all content writing activities, and

  • Provided occasional assistance to some clients, when they need a special piece of content produced, and

  • Edited and proofread content that businesses write - to ensure they are strategic as well as letter-perfect.

If you need high-quality content and are looking for a solution for your business, let's talk.

Contact me here or at 613-290-0239 for a no-obligation chat about your custom written content needs.


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