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Streeeeetch Your Written Content: 6 Ways to Reuse Case Studies for Maximum Effect

When you stretch, you get stronger. Same goes for your content.

We're still in the midst of a pandemic.

Your marketing budget has probably been slashed or frozen.

Meanwhile, you're probably aching for some fresh content to promote your organization.

The good news is that there are little golden gems lurking in your current marketing-communications content.

And those gems can be reused to create new or even update current content.

Today, we are going to focus on how to stretch just one content marketing tactic ...

The case study.

Case studies and success stories: it's all about the quotes

By its simplest definition, a case study (aka "success story") tells a story about how your client / end user overcame a problem by using your products and/or services.

The star of your organization's case studies is - you guessed it - the customer.

As such, your success stories probably include some fantastic quotes about your business that ... well, you couldn't have said better yourself!

So use them.

Here's how ...

6 ways to stretch - and flex - your case studies:

1. Testimonials on your website

Create a page dedicated entirely to happy customer testimonials. Or, scatter all those quotes across your website. Meanwhile, don't forget: not all quotes you use have to be about your products or services (e.g., you may also have quotes from clients praising your customer service etc.).

2. Blog post

Round up the strongest quotes from your success stories and turn them into a humblebrag blog. Your blog post could be something along the lines of What Our Customers Are Saying About Us or Why Are Our Clients So Happy With [Your Business Name]?

3. Awards applications

Many awards applications require client references and/or testimonials. No need to go looking for new customer quotes if you already have some great ones embedded in your success stories!

4. Call for Presentations / Call for Speakers applications

These types of presenter applications are looking for speakers / presenters who are industry thought leaders or subject matter experts. Throwing in a couple client quotes help reinforce the authority of your proposed speaker.

5. Brochures and sell sheets

Sales teams are always looking for new marketing materials to hand out at business meetings and events. If your existing brochures or sell sheets need a refresh, make sure to pop in some end-user quotes.

6. Contributed article

You could submit your case study as a contributed article to local media, business media, an industry-related publication or membership association e-newsletter.

It's unlikely they would publish the case study as-is without you paying a fee (because case studies read like advertorials).

However, you can also use your success stories while pitching your organization's expertise in a particular industry or on a specific subject. Publications may put your business name on file, as a source for upcoming feature stories.

Keep stretching your marketing ... by thinking creatively

There are so many other ways to maximize a success story.

So don't stop with the list above.

Keep brainstorming other ways to repurpose those case studies.

Can you use them to refresh existing content? Or can you repurpose them into something entirely new?

By stretching your creative muscle - that is, your brain - you just may come up with the best idea yet.

Don't have case studies, but dream about adding a few to your content marketing tactics?

I have 20 years of expertise developing case studies and success stories for organizations across an incredibly wide range of industries.

Let's talk about how I can help you.


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