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400+ Power Words To Easily Improve Your Content Marketing Starting Now

Simply by clicking on this blog, you've proven the power of power words

Did the headline above compel you to read this article?

It should have.

It includes four "power words."

If you do a quick Google search, you will find lists upon lists of the most attention-grabbing, influential, click-friendly words that businesses can (and should!) use in their content.

There is obviously great overlap across those lists. However, I found a great deal of consensus on the following 10 words and phrases:

You / your





How to



Easy / easier / easiest / easily


Such simple words!

Yes, the ones listed above are the simplest, most ordinary of words.

But when you really think about it, consider the sheer power each word holds in so few letters:

- You and your speak directly to the reader

- Because and improve speak to cause and effect

- How to, easy, easier, easiest and easily speak to simplicity

- New, free and exclusive stir up excitement

- Now encourages quick action

- Proven promotes trust

Words aren't just strings of letters

They're cues. They're triggers.

They can speak to human emotion. Make us change our minds about something. Compel us to take action.

Given the transformative power of power words, why wouldn't your content marketing include them?

For this blog, I've provided five resources below to help you identify the "right words" to use according to your marketing, communications or content goals.

There are TONS of resources online, but these should be a great place to start.

1. Get people to trust you (50 power words)

Content marketing is all about getting people to trust you, your brand and your business or organization.

That's because when people trust you, they feel safe. They believe they can look to you as an expert. As a resource. A reliable source of information.

And that ultimately means they will come to you readily if they need your product, service or information.

Using the "right" words, such as those below from Optinmonster, can help build that trust:


2. Get people to click on your content (180+ power words)

You may have great content.

But without a strong heading, your content will likely go unnoticed.

According to CoSchedule, headlines that evoke emotion drive more shares on social media.

So if you're writing a blog post, publishing a newsletter article, writing a social media post, or need a subject header for a direct mail or email, consider using some of these words:


3. Motivate people to do something (54 power words)

The words and phrases below can influence people to take action.

For example, you may want them to:

- Download a white paper or ebook

- Click to your landing page to learn more about something

- Buy a product from your website

- Contact you for more information

Discover (and use) these words and phrases for your calls to action (CTAs):


4. Inspire and encourage your audience (45 power words)

When your target audience reads content, they are likely a bit tired, overwhelmed by yet another day of constant messages.

In this head space, they don't want to be sold to.

Rather, they want content that will entertain or amuse them, perk them up, and maybe even make their lives better.

According to blogger extraordinaire Jon Morrow, the following words will give your readers "a pep talk and get them charged up again."


5. Get people to want something IMMEDIATELY (40+ words)

Urgency is a tried-and-true emotion that content marketers consistently tap into.

And it works.

Looking to promote a limited-time offer? Need to get people to join your exclusive group? Trying to share some "never-before-shared industry tips"?

Then consider using these words from The Persuasion Revolution (seriously, take a good look through this whole list):


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