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How To Win With Web Content: By Getting To The Point IMMEDIATELY

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When it comes to consuming online content, people are generally scanners.

That is, people tend to scan your content before deciding to actually read it.

So if you have something important to communicate on your website, you’d better say it:

  • Succinctly,

  • Clearly, and

  • Quickly.

Remember: your target customers are busy people, and you need to respect their time.

So here are a couple ways to say what you need to say - and turn scanners into readers (and, ultimately, paying customers).

Tell them what you’re going to tell them—from the get-go

Forget what your high school English teacher told you.

Your website is not an academic paper—so you don’t need to leave the strongest stuff to the conclusion.

Rather, you need to structure your online content to let the viewer (technically, not yet a “reader”) find and understand your main point quickly.

This allows them to then decide whether they want to:

  • Transition from "scanner" to “reader,” and

  • Absorb your content more deeply.

Tell them from the very top of the page what they can expect, within:

Take note, though: while clever, cutesy titles can be fun to write, it’s better to aim for clarity. Why? If the wording is too obscure, your content may be left unread.

Don’t over-explain

Have you ever read an entire page of website content, trying to figure out what you’re reading? (If not, you’re lucky.)

By the same token of people being too close to their subject matter, sometimes people ramble on and on with their written content.

The main “meat” of your website content—like your About page, products or services pages, homepage and Contact page—doesn’t need to include every detail under the sun.

Too much information can distract from the most important stuff...and, ultimately, confuse your readers.

Put yourself in the shoes of the people you are communicating with and ask yourself...

"Is there too much stuff in there that they don’t need to know?"

TIP: If after cutting down your content you still have some good stuff you want to use, find a way to turn it into a blog or FAQ page!

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