• Lindsey McCaffrey, Writer, Editor

Writing Website Content? Don't Make It All About You (But Make It About "You")

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Nobody likes people who talk about themselves all the time.

Likewise, when it comes to your website, your content shouldn’t always be about you.

Just to be clear, it’s still perfectly fine to promote your business, product, service or cause on your website!

The challenge is in finding balance.

Ultimately, your goal should be to bridge the gap between:

  • What you want to say,

  • What your audience wants to hear/know, and

  • What you believe your audience needs to hear/know.

Here are two ways to make your content less about you, and more about your target audience.

Make it about “you” (literally)

Do a quick Google search and you’ll see that marketers and advertisers agree on one thing…

The word you is quite possibly the most powerful, persuasive and attention-grabbing word you could ever use in your content.

It makes sense. Why?

Because when you say you, it gives the impression that you’re speaking directly to the customer—coming across as more personal, and making them the key focus of your message.

Focus on audience pain points and benefits

Content has the most impact when it focuses on solving people’s “pain points.”

You can do this by promoting the benefits people will experience by investing in you.

Let’s say a page on your website focuses on some cool new gadget. Of course you’re going to want to talk about all the neat features of your product.

But to get into the hearts and minds of your customers, your content needs to dig a little deeper.

What will those cool features mean to your target customers? Will they help people:

  • Reclaim time in their busy day?

  • Save money?

  • Attract a spouse?

  • Improve their skill set?

Your job is to figure out the problems your target audience generally has—and then write your content so it’s clear how your product (or service, or overall business) solves those issues.

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