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Word Crimes: 5 Ways Your Website's Written Content Is Robbing Your Business of Potential Custome

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People not reading your website content?

If that's the case—or they’re moving away from it quickly—I can pretty much guarantee that it’s because of this one thing:

You’re not respecting your audience’s time.

Rather, you’re robbing them of their time, by publishing content that:

  • Doesn’t speak to your target audience’s needs or concerns, and/or

  • Is confusing, and/or

  • Is sloppily formatted.

And all those, my friend, are considered “word crimes.”

I’m now going to tell you something obvious…

In fact, it’s so obvious that it’s strange how often businesses overlook it when publishing content.

Here it is (are you ready?)...

People have busy lives.

Well, of course!

You yourself probably have a busy life—and limited time. You don’t like to feel your time is ever wasted.

Well, guess what? Neither does your target audience.

You pay penalties for poor website content

Those folks you’re hoping to turn into paying customers?

They’re just like you: they have jobs, families, and even social lives (if they can fit “fun” into their schedules).

They do not want to feel their time has been cheated by reading low-quality content of little to no value.

After all, especially when it comes to online content, there are so many other places they could go for information!

All it takes is a quick click to a competitor’s website…and you’ve likely lost that person forever.

In other words: poorly written website content not only robs others of their time—it also robs your own business of potential customers.

Now, I’m going to throw the (proverbial) book at you…

Ebook, that is.

I have written an ebook that is all about:

  • Making you take notice of the things that customers appreciate about online content, and

  • Helping you implement small (but incredibly significant) changes to the way you communicate with them in writing.

It may sound daunting but trust me, it doesn’t have to be!

All it requires is a simple mind shift—putting yourself in the place of others, and reconsidering how best to promote your business while also acknowledging the needs of your target audience.

This ebook can help you stop committing word crimes!

So let’s get started, shall we?

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