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Stumped for Headlines or Blog Writing Topics? Try These 4 Free Online Idea Generators

Need a dazzling headline or new angle for your blog post?

These tools help recharge your content and attract more people to your website.

Let's set the scene...

Let's say I oversee blog writing for your national ice cream manufacturing business.

I went to the four websites below, typed "ICE CREAM" into each tool's search function, and got a ton of headline and blog ideas.

And some were actually pretty good!

I added some additional brainstorming to each idea generated. Check out what I came up with below...

1. Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

Headlines/topics generated: 70

Interesting ideas:

X Ingenious Ideas You Can Do With Ice Cream. The sky is the limit with this idea! It could be related to eating; it could be related to art. Or, it could be a combination of the two. Hey, if people can make ice sculptures, there's probably someone in the world who does it ice cream.

How Do You Choose The Best Ice Cream? Interview one or more "ice cream connoisseurs" for their perspective on the qualities that make for the most delicious dairy treat.

2. Portent's Content Idea Generator

Headlines/topics generated: One at a time. (However, its quirky format makes clicking the "refresh" button a lot of fun.)

Interesting ideas:

  • You Haven't Seen This Ice Cream List on Buzzfeed. Chock-full of content, it's no surprise that Buzzfeed has a whole slew of "top X" lists on ice cream! All you have to do is create a list their writers haven't thought of yet. And a ton of people love Buzzfeed, so the title alone is click-worthy.

  • What The Amish Can Teach You About Ice Cream. Compare how your business makes ice cream to how it's made using low-tech.

3. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Headlines/topics generated: 500

Interesting ideas:

  • How Green Is Your Ice Cream? The environment is ever a hot topic. If your company is socially responsible, consider writing something about your corporate "green" initiatives.

  • 8 Romantic Ice Cream Ideas. This blog could provide creative ice cream recipes, ideas for cutesy dessert dates, and tips on how to use ice cream in (ahem) other "romantic" ways.

4. Awesome Titles

Headlines/topics generated: 700+ (although I did notice some overlap in ideas between Awesome Titles and Tweak Your Biz)

Interesting ideas:

  • Essential Ice Cream Smartphone Apps. There's an app for pretty much everything. A quick Google search came up with TONS of games focused on ice cream trucks, making ice cream cones and the like. Maybe they're not essential, but you could tweak the title a bit.

  • How To Win Friends and Influence People With Ice Cream. I know many business leaders who buy ice cream and popsicles for employees during the summer months. Perhaps there are studies showing a link between "treating employees" and "improving engagement." The article would not have to focus entirely on ice cream, but could start with it as an example.

Stuck for headlines or topic ideas for writing on your business blog? Contact me or comment below!

"Ottawa writer for hire" Lindsey McCaffrey is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and content strategist for businesses and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Lindsey here.

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