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Get It Now! 51 Savvy and Share-Worthy Topics for Better Business Blogging

Got a blog to promote your business...but not sure what to blog about?

Great news: there are a plethora of options.

In fact, I only spent 30 minutes rattling off these ideas!

Use this list to help you get started.

And remember: not everything has to be about written content! You can use images and video too (in fact, the more, the better).

  1. Answer a question you often hear from customers. (I once wrote a Linkedin Pulse article on client FAQs - and then evolved it into a static page on my website!)

  2. Discuss a movie or television show relevant to your business, product, service or industry.

  3. If your company or product has an unusual name, share how you came up with it.

  4. Humanize your employees by profiling someone in your company. Or, humanize your job by explaining the common characteristics that make up someone in your industry.

  5. Share a customer success story.

  6. Share the definition of a specific word, and discuss how it relates to your business/industry.

  7. Write a book review. Make sure the topic is relevant to your business, service, or approach to customer service.

  8. Got positive media coverage? Write a brief introduction to an online news story about your company or product - and link to it.

  9. Talk about an upcoming event you will attend. Mention your booth number and/or time of presentation if you are participating.

  10. Create a checklist of things/tips your readers should do.

  11. Discuss a conference, workshop or industry event you recently attended.

  12. Enjoyed a webinar? Provide "a-ha!" tips or insights you learned.

  13. Create a roundup of media coverage related to your industry.

  14. Provide a video tour of your office space and/or storefront.

  15. Create something "bookmark-worthy" - like a list of links to cool free online resources, tips and tricks.

  16. Write about your idol, and explain why you admire them.

  17. Expose scams in your industry.

  18. Present a list of powerful quotes to inspire blog visitors.

  19. If your industry, product or service allows for it, go strategically "meta." For example, I often blog about blogging. (e.g., If you're a party planner, you could publish a blog that you wrote at a party you personally organized.)

  20. Point readers toward useful resources on your business website - like free tools, or a downloadable white paper or ebook.

  21. Do a self-reflective "end of X" post. It could be calendar year-end, fiscal year-end, or a seasonal post (e.g., end of summer).

  22. Compare your industry, product or service to something surprising.

  23. Share quotes from happy customers.

  24. Invite people to follow you on social media. Just be sure to communicate the value of following your channels (e.g., "We regularly provide tips to help you do X").

  25. Post a video of yourself.

  26. Tackle a myth people often believe about your industry, type of product or service. Offer points to disprove that myth.

  27. Create a bit of anticipation and excitement by offering a sneak peek into a not-yet-released new product or service.

  28. Share your thoughts about a recent news story relevant to your industry.

  29. Tell your audience to STOP doing something.

  30. Create a statistics-based post.

  31. Address what keeps your customers lying awake at night.

  32. Hold a contest.

  33. Predict the future about what your service or product will look like in 10, 20 or even 50 years.

  34. Discuss your company culture, and how that culture affects customers.

  35. Create an infographic.

  36. Share a life or business lesson you learned from a customer.

  37. Say what you love most about your customers.

  38. Share something you never thought you would learn on the job.

  39. Rewrite (or shorten) a presentation or speech you recently gave.

  40. Tell readers what they can expect the first time they interact with you and/or your business.

  41. Write an open letter.

  42. Make a list of experts your readers should follow on social media. (Just make sure those experts aren't your direct competition!)

  43. Go back in time: share the story of how your business got started.

  44. Have you traveled overseas? Share insights on something that fascinated you about a different culture or country.

  45. Share money-saving tips.

  46. Post a viral video, and add why you believe it resonates with people.

  47. What makes you different (or better) from your competitors? (Just don't mention competitors' names or say anything that may identify them!)

  48. Create a poll or survey, and blog the results.

  49. If your industry is highly regulated, break down a specific law for your readers, and explain how it affects them as customers.

  50. Explain what your job entails.

  51. Share "how to" to do something, including a list of "do"s and "don't"s.

Got any other suggestions to add to my list? Share them in the comments section below!

"Ottawa writer for hire" Lindsey McCaffrey is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and content strategist for businesses and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Lindsey here.

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