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Partner Relationships & Projects
Need to sub-contract a professional content writer on a client project? I'm here to help.

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RFP (Request For Proposal) acronym on co
Partnering for success: quality content = happy clients 
Are you a marketing firm or freelance marketer, graphic or web designer?
Do you need content writing help on a specific client project? 
I partner often with professionals like you to develop content for your clients, including:

Submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a special project?

I can join your team right from the beginning - even in the proposal and planning stages. Ask me for my custom bio to include in your RFP response. 

I honour your client relationships

Sometimes my partners present me to clients as a visible part of their team. Other times, I am introduced as an extension of the team. And sometimes, I simply do my work behind the scenes.

Regardless of how I am "seen or heard" by your clients, I am happy to respect your comfort level.  

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