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1. Do you have a writing portfolio?  

2. Why should I hire a freelance writer/editor, instead of

    getting one of my employees to develop content?

3. What if I want something ghostwritten?

4. Who are your clients?

5. I need content. But what if my business/industry is boring? 

6. Do you charge by the hour or by project?

7. Can you write about my industry?

8. Who reads the content you write?

9. Do you accept ongoing writing/editing projects?

10. Do you do graphic or web design as well?

11. What if I need something translated?

1. Do you have a writing portfolio?
I do indeed. For access to my password-protected
portfolio and writing samples, contact me directly

3.  Do you ghostwrite content?

Yes. In fact, most of the work I do is ghostwriting. If you want a specific person's name attributed to something—whether a blog post, article for a high-profile business publication, a sales letter or otherwise—the byline is yours. TOP 

4.   Who are your main clients?

Mid-sized and large B2B, B2C, government and non-profit organizations. Normally, I work directly with these clients.​ 

5. Do you partner with marketing firms, web designers, etc.?

Yes - all the time. 

5.  I need content. But what if my business or industry is boring? What will you write about?

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling: interesting, relevant, attention-grabbing stories exist everywhere, even in the most lackluster of organizations! As a content marketing strategist, I can also help you identify story ideas that will appeal most to your audience(s).

For the record, when I refer to "stories," that could mean anything from blog articles, to the About Us section on your website, to case studies, to many other things. TOP 

6.  Do you charge by the hour or by project?

I usually charge by the hour. However, for ongoing clients who wish to sign a multi-month contract with me, I am amenable to negotiating a small discount on my hourly rate. TOP 

7.  Can you write about my industry?


Absolutely! I’ve spent more than 20 years doing content development for a very wide range of industries, and on an even wider range of topics.


Even if I’ve never written about your industry, there is a very good chance I have written about something related to your business. Regardless, I always do my research to ensure I am well-versed in your specific business environment. TOP 


8.  Who reads the content you write?


Here’s a very short laundry list of just some of my (and my clients’) audiences:

- Prospective, current and lapsed customers

- C-Suite / executives (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs) and other business leaders

- Business owners

- Venture capitalists and investors

- Boards of directors and other key stakeholders

- Employees

- Taxpayers

- Governmental decision-makers

- Financial donors

- IT buyers

- Academics

- Physicians, scientists and researchers

- Exclusive club members

General public TOP 

9.  Do you do longer-term contracts with clients? 

Yes. When I sign on as your go-to writer/editor, I essentially become an extension of your team. And because I get to know the ins and outs of your business, you won't need to spend a lot of time giving me direction on every single task. TOP 


10.  Do you do graphic or web design as well?


No—I leave that to the experts! However, I partner with graphic and web designers on many projects.


If you are looking for something that requires content and design (e.g., like an annual reportwebsite or ebook), I am happy to join forces with anyone you already have in mind. Or, I can recommend a few experts for your consideration. The choice is yours. TOP 


11.  What if I need something translated?

I am happy to provide you with some recommendations for translators. I also have experience working with them to ensure "version control" with all versions matching up accordingly. TOP