Editing and Proofreading Services

I provide three levels of editing and proofreading services for all kinds of content, depending on your needs:

Proofreading / Final Proofing

You think your content is ready to publish.


But are you worried there may still be errors nobody noticed?

I will do a final review with fresh eyes, to ensure everything is letter-perfect. 

Copy Editing

Need a pro to polish up your draft for correctness and consistency?

I provide "style edit" services so everything is presentable for the next stage. 

Substantive Editing

Like copy editing on steroids!

Here is where I apply both my editor and content strategist "hats" to ensure your entire piece holds together.

Not sure what type of editing you need?

No problem.


Just contact me directly for my professional opinion and an estimate.

Learn more below about what each type of editing involves: