Writing and Editing: Pricing and Charges

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  • The prices below assume one draft, one round of edits, and one final version 

  • Prices START at the costs listed below 

  • Costs may vary depending on additional project management required (e.g., coordinating edits) , number of interviews required, research required etc.

  • I do other kinds of writing - please contact me directly if you don't see pricing listed here

  • Pricing based on the following assumptions:

    • Client provides topic and background information

    • Minimum research required (if any)

    • Minimum client consultation required

Blog content / story ideas

  • Includes 30 minutes of client consultation to understand the company

  • Client provides background information

  • 12 story ideas: $200

Case studies (includes 1 20-minute interview with YOU about your customers, and 1 20-minute interview with your customer)

Up to 750 words: $500

751 to 1,000 words: $ 

1,251 to 1,775 words: $

Web content / digital content (note: COST PER PAGE)

​Up to 500 words: $225

501 to 1,000 words: $450

1,001 to 1,500 words: 

1,501 to 2,000 words:

More than 2,000 words: please call to discuss


Blog posts and articles (price per item)

Up to 500 words: $250

501 to 750 words: $375

751 to 1,000 words: $500

1,001 to 1,250 words: $625

1,251 to 1,500 words: $750

1,501 to 2,000 words: $875

More than 2,000 words: please call to discuss

Letters and emails

Up to 500 words: $225

501 to 750 words: $400

More than 750 words: please call to discuss

News releases

Ebooks and white papers

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I write and edit your business content so it always ... 

  • Demonstrates you know your audience(s): who they are, what they need, and what they may already know


  • Factors in all those nuances of language that may seem insignificant ... but can actually make or even break customer relationships


  • Aims for clarity first, and razzle-dazzle second

Is your industry listed below?

For 20 years, I have developed content for B2B, B2C, government and non-profit organizations in these sectors:


Let's work together (it's easy!)

The path to professional, clear, persuasive, keyword-rich, effective, powerful marketing-communications content is easy. ​

That's because I make it easy. 

No matter your needs, my goal is to make the content process as smooth as possible for you ... all the way from concept to creation. 

So let's talk about working together. I look forward to hearing from you.

*But before you leave this page, a bit more about me...

  • Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University

  • Gold Quill award winner, International Association of Business Communicators

  • Developer of executive-level / C-Suite content

  • Two decades in copywriting / content writing, editing and developing content strategies 


  • Thousands of pieces of content written and edited

  • Public speaker / trainer on business content topics 

“Lindsey’s services are plug-and-play. Tell her what you need and she delivers."

- Information Technology Association of Canada

"Storytelling comes naturally to Lindsey. The way she conveys emotions in a story, either long or short, sets her apart from most other writers."

- University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation

"Lindsey is a talented, creative and professional writer. She was able to synthesize our technical product information and completely rewrite our website and create new marketing communication pieces. Despite our tight deadlines, Lindsey delivered quality documents on time and within budget."

- ICOR Technology 


“Lindsey, just wanted to say again how happy we are with your work….it is a great read and you even had me intrigued! I also forwarded it along to my manager and got a ‘Wow! This is great!’. So again…thanks!”

- Royal Canadian Mint