“You are amazing and I love working with you! You make my life easy!”

—Lara Hall, Juice Inc.

1-on-1 Content Coaching

Guidance to help you keep writing your own content.

Worried your content/writing: 

  • Isn't attracting customers?

  • Is missing something important?

  • Isn't written properly for online vs. print vs. social media?

  • Is bland and uninteresting? 

I'll give you tips to improve your writing so it really speaks to your audience.

Maybe you just need a little coaching.

Get the expert guidance and confidence you need to keep writing your own content.

In one 90-minute in-person session, you get:

A professional review of your content:
  • Blogs

  • Website

  • Social media posts

  • Email campaigns​

  • Etc.

I want to write my own content, but I need help...

Tips for immediately improving your content, including:
  • Messaging

  • Tone

  • Word choice

  • Formatting

  • Audience and media appropriateness


Compelling, interesting and share-worthy content marketing ideas to help:
  • Enhance your brand

  • Promote you as an expert in your field​

Bring a notebook - because you're going to get a lot of insights from this jam-packed session!
Coaching is ideal for new and small-business owners with limited marketing budgets. 
Contact me to learn how I can coach you to write and create better content! 
Lindsey McCaffrey writer, editor, content strategist
Lindsey McCaffrey writer, editor, content strategist