About Me

Corporate writer, editor and content strategist for hire

Hello! I'm Lindsey McCaffrey.

For more than two decades, I have written and edited strategic content for a wide variety of B2B, B2C, government and non-profit organizations across Canada and worldwide.

I'm based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. While I have many local clients, as well as others throughout the country, I also work with international clients. 


And that's the beauty of a job like mine. It doesn't matter where you or I are located: if you want to hire me for your content needs, I'm more than happy to oblige. 

Trained Journalist


I have a Bachelor of Journalism. All the skills I learned in university apply to my work as a writer, editor and content strategist, including:

  • Collaborating closely with clients to identify their business and marketing goals (interviewing skills);


  • Consulting widely to become well-informed on specific topics (researching skills); 


  • Easily adapting and customizing my messaging and tone to any audience, industry or communications channel (writing and editing skills); and

  • Coming up with interesting, relevant, timely, unique and shareable topics that capture people's attention (creativity skills).

Marketing-Communications Strategist


There are lots of writers out there. But unlike many of them, I'm not only a writer; I'm also a strategist.


Much of my career has involved developing communications strategies, marketing and media plans; and creating key messages and outreach strategies for varied target audiences.


So what does this mean for you, the client? In addition to writing and editing, I create effective content strategies to help you figure out what you want to say, when to say it, and how to say it well.


Award Winner


As a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in 2008, I received a coveted Gold Quill award for developing an extensive national “malaria policy change” outreach strategy for Canadian Blood Services, which targeted more than a dozen distinct audiences.


I'm Published

My article writing has been featured in many publications including but not limited to Inc.com, the Globe and Mail, IT Business Edge, PRDaily.com, Used.ca, and Bustle.com.


A lot of those articles are under my clients' names. (That's right: YOU get the byline if I write something for you!) 

Multi-Industry Experience


For almost two decades, I’ve done content marketing for a wide range of organizations across a plethora of industries.


From small, medium and large businesses to non-profits and Crown Corporations, I have a large portfolio spanning hundreds of diverse topics. 


Committed to Customer Service


I believe in simplifying things for my clients. I want you to hand me a project, and feel at ease knowing it will be completed - on budget, on time, and within (or hopefully above) your expectations.


I may need your input every so often, but my goal is to gain your trust so you can focus on all the other important areas of your business.


Based in Ottawa, Available Anywhere


I'm in the national capital of Canada with many local clients - as well as others throughout the country, and even internationally.


The beauty of my job is that it doesn't matter where you are: if you want to hire me for your content needs, I'm happy to oblige.